Freelance Book Editing

With five years’ editorial experience at a major New York publishing house and another five as a freelance editor, I’ve done extensive and intensive editorial work on novels and books of narrative nonfiction, many of which have been award winners and New York Times bestsellers.  The range of published books I’ve edited includes literary novels, commercial thrillers, memoirs, long-form journalism and narrative histories.

As a freelance book editor, I work with writers on everything from close line editing to overall pacing, plot and structure, with special attention paid to compelling characterization and fluid storytelling.  I advise writers at any and all stages of the writing process, whether you’re in the initial outline and drafting phase, honing a proposal or sample chapters to show to an agent, or fine-tuning a complete manuscript for publication.

With many contacts in the book-publishing world, I have an eye for which publishers are buying which sorts of books from which agents.  In addition to helping you make your book the best that it can be, I can advise which agents and editors might best respond to your work.

To inquire about freelance editing, contact me here.

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